Om Nath Logistics SCAM

Scammers are all around and you can’t save yourself or someone you know from them. You can’t tell
by a single look or by a single incident if a company dealing with some service is a scam or not
because there lays a word called coincidence as well. This article is all about how I got scammed by
Om Nath logistics who delivered my motorcycle, my love, in a pitiful condition. I was excited to ship
my motorcycle from Delhi to my hometown Agartala. I contacted the OM Nath packers who
promised to deliver my love by dealing it with utmost care. They charged 13,300 Indian rupees from
me in return for shipping my motorcycle with GATI KWE, and with full insurance. I reached Agartala
a few days earlier and my motorcycle was still in transit. The day came when I was going to meet my
love after a long hiatus. But my heart broke into pieces when I got to see the condition of the
motorcycle. It was dented from different positions, the back mudguard was totally damaged, the
chassis was bent and I was sure they handled it badly during the delivery process. Now here starts
the main problem, after enquiring about this incident from my sources I got to know that OM Nath
packers didn’t choose GATI KWE for shipping, instead they choose safexpress. Moreover, they didn’t
bother to do the insurance work of my motorcycle and forced me to ship my bike with my risk. Let
me highlight the main scam that Om Nath Logistics had done here. They took 13,300 Indian Rupees
from me but shipped the bike with 5,600 rupees only that this the rest of the money which is 7,700
Indian rupees have been scammed by them. The estimated work to repair the bike as per Royal
Enfield customer service is near about 40,000 Indian rupees.

This is their Location:

banksathi ifsc codes

These are the Chat History with Mr.Arun Mishra (Owner of Om Nath Logistics) . He Blocked me Lastly as i threatened him that i will do Case and all. 

He Started Saying “I didn’t shipped your bike, i don’t know you, i don’t took money from you” trying to be smart ! Lastly he blocked me

This is the amount i paid them through IMPS on their Manager’s Account

I contacted safexpress customer care executive and they urged me to write “package delivered in damaged condition” and which is to be duly signed by the consignment Delivery boy. The delivery boy instead was forcing me to write “packing ok”. I had to start recording the whole scenario in my camcorder to change his mind and finally, he signed in the paper. They gave me a paper which describes the condition of my bike and also told me that they will return the entire amount needed to repair it. Since, there was no insurance work done on my motorcycle, they were not able to pay me the full amount of the repairmen of my bike. Instead they handed over me a cheque of Rs 5000 as a part of good gesture.  Also, I would like to request people, not to contact Om Nath logistics for any kind of the services that they provide. In this way, you can save yourself from a scam.