www.kalia.co.in – Kalia Scheme Odisha 2019 Online Form [List]

www.kalia.co.in – Kalia Scheme Odisha 2019 Online Form [List]. Apply Online For Kalia Yojana 2019 Eligibility, Draft Name List.

KALIA Scheme Odisha – www.kalia.co.in Login [Application Form]

The KALIA Scheme is a package for farmer’s welfare. KALIA stands for “Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation”. This KALIA Yojana has been launched by Odisha Government to accelerate Agricultural Prosperity and reduce poverty in the State.

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The scheme aims to lend farmers with an all-inclusive and flexible support system, ensuring accelerated agricultural prosperity. A progressive scheme like KALIA empowers the farmers by providing finance options to enhance the growth in agriculture in the state.

  • The amount of more than Rs 10,000 crores has been prepared to provide relief to the debt-ridden farmers.
  • KALIA Scheme covers 92% of cultivators of the state and almost all needy landless cultivators, who can avail the benefits of this scheme through Direct Benefit Transfer Mode.
  • Total of 60 lakh families will be covered under the scheme.

www.kalia.co.in - Kalia Scheme Odisha 2019 Online Form [List]

Eligibility Criteria For Kalia Yojana Odisha

Small and marginal farmers, Landless Agricultural household, Vulnerable Agricultural household, Landless Agricultural labourers and sharecroppers are eligible under the scheme.

कालिया योजना – Draft Name List

राज्य में कृषि समृद्धि में तेजी लाने और गरीबी को कम करने के लिए ओडिशा सरकार द्वारा कालिया योजना शुरू की गई है। कालिया का अर्थ आजीविका और आय संवर्धन के लिए क्रुशक सहायता है। इस योजना का उद्देश्य किसानों को सभी समावेशी और लचीली सहायता प्रणाली से ऋण देना है, जिससे त्वरित कृषि समृद्धि सुनिश्चित हो।

Kalia Yojana Name List

  • KALIA जैसी प्रगतिशील योजना के केंद्र में राज्य के किसानों को वित्त विकल्पों के साथ सशक्त बनाने की प्रेरणा है जो ओडिशा में कृषि के विकास और विकास को सक्षम करेगा।
  • छोटे और सीमांत किसान, भूमिहीन कृषि गृह, कमजोर कृषि घराने, भूमिहीन कृषि मजदूर और बटाईदार, योजना के तहत पात्र हैं।
  • कर्ज में डूबे किसानों को राहत देने के लिए 10,000 करोड़ रुपये से अधिक की राशि तैयार की गई है।
  • साथ ही  50,000 रुपये तक का फसली ऋण 0% ब्याज पर उपलब्ध कराया जाएगा।
  • कालिया योजना में राज्य के 92% कृषक शामिल हैं और लगभग सभी जरूरतमंद भूमिहीन कृषक हैं, जो प्रत्यक्ष लाभ हस्तांतरण मोड के माध्यम से इस योजना का लाभ उठा सकते हैं।
  • योजना के तहत कुल 60 लाख परिवारों को कवर किया जाएगा।

Benefits of Kalia Yojana 2019 Odisha

Assistance for Cultivation

  • Financial assistance of INR 25000/- per farm family over five seasons will provided to small and marginal farmers.

Assistance for Livelihood

  • Financial Assistance of INR 12500/- will provided to each landless Agricultural Household for Agricultural allied activities.
  • This will particularly benefit to SC & ST population of the State

Assistance for Vulnerable Agricultural Household

  • Vulnerable cultivators/landless agricultural laborers will given financial assistance of INR 10,000/- per family per year to enable them to take care of their sustenance.

Life Insurance for Cultivators & Landless Agricultural Laborers

  • Life Insurance Cover of INR 2 lakh at a very nominal premium of INR 330/- will be provided to all savings bank account holders of age in between 18-50 years.
  • Government of Odisha will bear farmers’ share of annual premium of INR 165/-.
  • Personal Accident Cover of INR 2 lakh at a very nominal annual premium of INR 12/- will be provided for all savings bank account holder aged between 18-50 years.
  • Out of INR 12/- , the farmers’ share INR 6/- will be borne by the Govt of Odisha.
  • In respect of the beneficiary whose age is between 51-70 years, the entire amount of INR 12/- towards annual premium will be borne by Govt of Odisha.

Interest Free Crop Loan

  • Vulnerable landless laborers, cultivators, share croppers and agricultural families identified by Gram Panchayats will provided with crop loans up to Rs 50,000 made available at 0% interest.

How To Apply For Kalia Scheme Odisha – Online Registration Form

  • Eligible candidates are required to visit the official website i.e. www.kalia.co.in.
  • Click on tab named ‘Form’ available at the home page.
  • Select the Red Form or Green Form as per your eligibility.
  • Download the form.
  • Fill up the details in the form and submit the form.
  • You can also check the beneficiary list under the scheme on the website.

Documents Required For Kalia Yojana

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Agriculture Land Papers
  • Income Certificate

Click Here To Apply For Kalia Scheme Odisha.

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