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CCRT Scholarship 2019-20 Online Application Form Last Date –

For Students, the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) provides 650 new scholarships every year where 100 scholarships are reserved for ST, 20 for Divyang (Differently Abled), 30 scholarships are reserved for the students applying in the field of Creative Writing/ Literary Arts, 125 for the children of families practicing traditional arts, and the remaining 375 are for general students. It offers Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme (CTSSS) every year. Candidates who fulfill all the eligibility criteria and want to get the benefits of this scholarship scheme can fill the application form on or before the last date i.e. 31st January 2019.


CCRT छात्रवृत्ति 2019 Registration –

छात्रों के लिए, सेंटर फॉर कल्चरल रिसोर्सेज एंड ट्रेनिंग (CCRT) हर साल 650 नई छात्रवृत्ति प्रदान करता है, जहाँ 100 छात्रवृत्तियाँ अनुसूचित जनजाति के लिए आरक्षित हैं, 20 दिव्यांग के लिए (भिन्न रूप से छूटी हुई), 30 छात्रवृत्तियाँ रचनात्मक लेखन के क्षेत्र में आवेदन करने वाले छात्रों के लिए आरक्षित हैं साहित्य कला, पारंपरिक कला का अभ्यास करने वाले परिवारों के बच्चों के लिए 125, और शेष 375 सामान्य छात्रों के लिए हैं। यह हर साल सांस्कृतिक प्रतिभा खोज छात्रवृत्ति योजना (CTSSS) प्रदान करता है। उम्मीदवार जो सभी पात्रता मानदंडों को पूरा करते हैं और इस छात्रवृत्ति योजना का लाभ प्राप्त करना चाहते हैं, वे अंतिम तिथि यानी 31 जनवरी 2019 को या उससे पहले आवेदन पत्र भर सकते हैं।

Main Objective of CCRT Scholarship 2019

The main objective of the CCRT Scholarship Scheme 2019-20 is to provide facilities to outstanding talented children selected in the age group of 10 to 14 years (as per the cut off eligibility dates), studying either in recognized schools or belonging to families practicing traditional performing arts for getting specialized training in various cultural fields such as traditional forms of music, dance, drama, painting, sculpture, crafts and literary arts, laying special emphasis on rare art forms, which are in the process of becoming extinct. - CCRT Scholarship 2019-20 Application Form [Result]

CCRT छात्रवृत्ति योजना 2019-20 का मुख्य उद्देश्य 10 से 14 वर्ष के आयु वर्ग में चुने गए उत्कृष्ट प्रतिभाशाली बच्चों को सुविधाएं प्रदान करना है (कट ऑफ पात्रता तिथियों के अनुसार), मान्यताप्राप्त स्कूलों में अध्ययन करना या पारंपरिक से संबंधित परिवारों से संबंधित विभिन्न सांस्कृतिक क्षेत्रों जैसे संगीत, नृत्य, नाटक, चित्रकला, मूर्तिकला, शिल्प और साहित्यिक कलाओं में विशेष प्रशिक्षण प्राप्त करने के लिए कला प्रदर्शन करना, दुर्लभ कला रूपों पर विशेष जोर देना, जो विलुप्त होने की प्रक्रिया में हैं। चाहते हैं, वे अंतिम तिथि यानी 31 जनवरी 2019 को या उससे पहले आवेदन पत्र भर सकते हैं।

Benefits of CCRT Scholarship 2019

Under this scheme, the candidates those who all indulged in various curricular activities like music, dance, drama, painting, crafts and many others. So, this scheme gives you all a platform under which it provides you a scholarship to fulfill your cultural dreams.

Eligibility Criteria For CCRT Scholarship 2019

  • Before you fill out the Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme 2019-20 Application Form, make sure you check the eligibility criteria.
  • Those children whose parents’ monthly income is less than Rs.8000/- are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • The applicants must age between the age group of 10 and 14 years in order to apply for the award of CCRT Scholarships 2019-20.
  • The children should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the relevant art form.
  • Those who are already receiving the said scholarship cannot get it again, so they will not be able to apply for the scheme.

Selection Process of CCRT Scholarship 2019

  • On the basis of candidates academics marks and family income of parents are shortlisted.
  • The central selection committee invites only shortlisted candidates for CCRT/ CTSSS test or interview.
  • Only the shortlisted candidates will be informed by post about the dates, timings and venue of the Tests/ Interviews.
  • Eligible candidates will get the scholarship benefits/ amount on the basis of total marks obtained by them in order of merit & the availability of the numbers of scholarships for that particular year.

How to Apply For CCRT Scholarship 2019-20

  • The Application Form & Other details may be downloaded from the CCRT website or collected free of cost personally/by post from any one of the following addresses Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, 15 A, Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.
  • CCRT Regional Centre, 3-B, Ambavgarh, Near Swarup Sagar, Udaipur-313001, Rajasthan, Tel 0294-2430764, 3291577, Fax 0294-2430771, Email
  • Application for the scholarship should be submitted by the parents/guardians in the prescribed form in one art form only, after getting necessary recommendations from school/ institution and guru/teacher, where the applicant is studying and receiving training respectively, directly to the CCRT, New Delhi by 31st January 2019.
  • Incomplete applications and those without relevant information/ documents / specimens /photographs regarding training will not be considered.

CCRT Scholarship 2019 Important Details

Scholarship Name Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT)
About Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme (CTSSS)
Total Scholarships 650
Last Date of Application Form 31th January, 2019

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